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Resetting FastPath 4 and 5 Units

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Resetting FastPath 4 and 5 Units (889079-PV96)

Product: FastPath 4 v9.2 K-Star FastPath 5 v1.0
3rd Party Product(s): Release Date: Pending


This document is intended for FastPath administrators who want to reset a FastPath 4 or 5 unit. This document contains two procedures, one for resetting a FastPath 4 and one for resetting a FastPath 5.

Resetting a FastPath 4

Resetting a FastPath 4 unit is a complex task. This procedure requires that you manipulate the jumpers on the FastPath 4's printed circuit board in order to drain the FastPath 4's memory.

CAUTION: Do not perform this procedure on a FastPath 4 that has a Version 5.1 PROM. Contact Intel Network Systems Product Support if your FastPath has this version PROM.

Reset your FastPath 4 as follows:

Power off the FastPath 4 (Figure 1).

Figure 1. FastPath 4 Rear Panel

Unplug all cables on the rear of the unit.
Turn the FastPath 4 unit over so that the bottom side is up (Figure 2).

Figure 2. FastPath 4 Bottom

Remove the six screws on the FastPath 4 with a small Phillips-head screwdriver (Figure 2). Set the screws aside.
Remove all exterior cables.
Slide the FastPath 4 printed circuit board (PCB) out of its cover (Figure 3).

Figure 3. Removing the FastPath 4 from its Case

Orient the FastPath so the rear of the unit is towards you. The FastPath PCB looks similar to the following. The J1 jumper, which supplies battery power to RAM, is now in the upper right-hand corner (Figure 4).

Figure 4. FastPath 4 Printed Circuit Board (PCB)

Remove the jumper off Pins 1 and 2 for 15 minutes. This completely drains Random Access Memory (RAM).
Replace the J1 jumper over Pins 1 and 2.
Reassemble the FastPath 4 unit.
Download K-STAR and reconfigure the FastPath 4.

Resetting a FastPath 5/5R Unit

This section contains information for resetting a FastPath 5/5R unit. Figure 5 shows the pin reset hole located on the rear panel of the FastPath 5 and FastPath 5R single- and dual-rack units.

Figure 5. FastPath 5 Pin Reset Hole

Reset your FastPath 5 unit as follows:

Power off the FastPath 5 unit.
Locate the pin reset hole for the FastPath 5 you are resetting (Figure 5).
Insert a straightened paper clip into the pin reset hole (the reset switch is about 1/2" inside the hole). You feel the reset switch click (or stop) when you insert the paper clip. Hold the paper clip firmly in this position.
While still holding the paper clip on the reset switch, press the appropriate unit enable button for that unit, or in the FastPath 5 brick, turn the power switch on.
Wait five seconds and then remove the paper clip. The FastPath 5 lights on the front of the FastPath 5 go through the normal self-test sequence and then the power light starts flashing yellow. This clears the FastPath 5's memory.

The contents of this document have not been technically reviewed by Shiva, please use this information at your own risk.

This information is supplied without representation or warranty of any kind. Shiva Corporation assumes no responsibility and shall have no liability of any kind arising from supply or use of this material.

The information contained herein is proprietary to Shiva Corporation and/or its vendors, and its use or disclosure is subject to the restrictions stated in the standard Shiva Corporation license terms and conditions or the appropriate third-party sublicense agreement.

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