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numbers group still around? (art of the game, etc.) [Archive] - DEXTROSE FORUM


View Full Version : numbers group still around? (art of the game, etc.)

Thu 30 Nov 2000, 19:16
I remember an organization from 94-96 called "numbers" which sold cd-roms of SNES and SGEN games - I remember them selling a series called "art of the game" and also a "console BBS" set with file_id.diz, etc.

Does this group still exist? Web address or other contact information is appreciated.

Fri 1 Dec 2000, 11:47
I think numbers died along time ago.

I do rember seeing that someone had .ISO'd up thier art of the games cd series and were whoring them around all the 3l3t3 3mulamer r0mz sites. This was a few years ago, there was another group who ISO'd up the "famous" HK Series and spread them around.

Numbers used to have a web site back in the 95/96 era, and even by todays standards it was very well designed, but It disapeared more or less over night.

Just about every numbers release contained adverts for the cds, I think I still have a bunch of .nfo files a friend sent me when I was looking for somewhere to buy a copier, I'm sure theres some numbers ones in there. I'll post what I find

Fri 1 Dec 2000, 14:27
I think I still have some of the nfo's for their ConsoleBBS collection. By the time I got them though, I think they were already dead.


Sun 3 Dec 2000, 06:33
NUMbers & Seven7Seven (AKA Dennis Baker) disappeared for the last time in mid-1998.

I was in contact with him for quite awhile (regular email and packages sent back&forth). He nearly got busted in 1997 (when he was running, (,) but moved and managed to evade the feds. Against everyone's better judgment who was close to him, he decided to reappear on a Xoom site at first, and then eventually tried ( afterwards. It wasn't long before he disappeared altogether.

Webmaster of ( used to know his whereabouts, but he lost track of him quite a while back, and for all we know, he's serving time. The inevitable fate of commercial pirates in the US.

I still have a lot of his old stuff including the complete catalogs somewhere on tape (I believe). I have both Art of the Game, and the Razor 1911 commemorative pressed CD, as well as many of the Fate 0-day discs and some games discs that were traded to me at the time.

Those were the days, before the Internet came along and truly ruined everything sacred.